the nissan leaf™

The shape of the future

The sleek, futuristic body doesn't just look pretty. It was designed to slip through the air with as little drag as possible. In fact, the headlights were designed to actually help sweep air efficiently over the rearview mirrors. That kind of attention to detail is what makes the Nissan LEAF™ possible, and what takes you further on every charge.









How quiet is the Nissan LEAF™? You’ll know the second you push the accelerator. Producing only 21 decibels of sound and virtually no vibration, the Nissan LEAF™ is quieter than your average ceiling fan.



Leaving emissions behinD


The tailpipe of a small, big, or even hybrid cars releases thousands of cubic feet of CO2 emissions every year. The Nissan LEAF™ doesn’t even have a tailpipe.




It's as simple as just plugging it in. Charge at home or at one of our 9 chargers throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria.





Free quick charging at one of our 9 charging stations in Gauteng.




The Nissan home charging dock is compact, easy to set-up and weatherproof.









+   FAQ's


Answer: The Nissan LEAF™ offers an excellent performance and driving feel, with smooth, strong acceleration and quiet delivery across a speed range that's comparable to that of fuel powered cars, as well as great handling stability realized by well-balanced weight distribution

Answer: Nissan LEAF™ does not have a fuel tank & an engine, compared to a Hybrid, therefore do not require fuel, but is powered by Lithium–ion batteries which are charged using a dedicated wall box charger at home or a 3 phase public charger at a Nissan dealer or some public places.
A hybrid vehicle can curb vehicle emissions up to 30% during use, which is a good start but the Nissan LEAF™, which is a 100% Electric, Zero-Emission vehicle, is much better because it is totally neutral to the environment during use.

  • Answer:There are 9 chargers available in addition to the home charger for you to “fill-up” your Nissan LEAF™.
    Chargers can be found in CMH Sandton, CMH Midrand, Nissan Edenvale, IC Auto Roodeport, McCarthy Nissan Randburg, Nissan Melrose, Nissan The Glen, Global Nissan Hatfield and Imperial Nissan Menlyn.